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SPS credit and debit card processing worldwide as well as all ACH, EBT and other payment processing services.
All of our payment solutions run on major networks, providing superior network connectivity, reliability and redundancy.

The SPS Platform’s services include: credit card authorization; clearing and settlement for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB and fleet cards; mobile Smartphone and tablet POS processing; nationwide debit and EBT card processing; UnionPay; electronic check conversion, guarantee, verification and recovery, prepaid card issuance, as well as gift and loyalty card programs. We also offer flexible connectivity including Dial, IP, VPN, Frame Relay and Wireless solutions.

Specialized Processing has invested substantially over the past several years in partner companies to garner pricing advantages to compete at a lowest cost threshold against major financial institutions and non-bank providers currently in the credit card acceptance business. The fact that the industry has become a commodity business (where price is a key success factor) was a driving force that led Specialized Processing to compete as a low cost provider of merchant services for marquee merchant businesses with its complete transparency model.
Specialized Processing Solutions also offers processing for high-risk merchants and multi-national companies with our unique platform, partnerships and services.

How We Function

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“It’s Time for Change….Our Goal… The World Becomes One Account!”- Shelly Berensen

As early as 1992, Ms. Berensen was the innovative force behind her company and the first to process online in real-time for Card Service International who became First Data. Her other notable clients at the time were TuCows (now known as E-Bay), Highway Technologies (they became Verisign) and JC Penny’s who, together with Ms. Berensen, pioneered one of the first online catalog stores.

After selling her company, Ms. Berensen continued to innovate in the underwriting business, further developing her involvement with banks and her relationships with bankers worldwide.

President & CEO

Lead by President & CEO Shelly Berensen, Specialized Processing Solutions (SPS) is comprised of a dynamic management team having tremendous expertise and a successful track record in the credit card acceptance arena as well as Top 25 eCommerce and multi-channel marketing expertise – allowing us to provide you holistic solutions for your business.

Berensen was an early adopter of technology and a true visionary who predicted that every company would one day have a website.

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