To Ensure Uncompromised Reliability

Innovation For The New Generation of Payment

The SPS Platform is a flexible, secure, compliant and customizable 21st century payment processing solution. With more than 20 years experience in the payment processing industry, this proprietary platform was developed using the most advanced technology to ensure uncompromised reliability and security far into the future. Today’s traditional payment platforms were built during the early days of computing on outdated legacy system mainframes. These systems are pretty set in their functionality and features without the ability to provide innovation for a new generation of payment products in this ever changing landscape of omni-channel commerce.

Covering All Aspects

  • Merchant Acquiring
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Online Switching and Authorization
  • PIN management
  • E-commerce Processing
  • Dispute and Fraud Management
  • Card Issuance
  • Legacy System Mainframes
  • Omni-Channel Commerce

To Ensure Uncompromised Reliability

Innovation For The New Generation of Payment

The Platforms Core Modules

  • Product Configuration for issuing and acquiring
  • Fees and Charges Generation
  • FX and Conversion
  • Cardholder and Merchant Customer Relationship Management
  • Report Generation
  • Statement and Billing
  • General Ledger and Accounting
  • Access management

The Platforms Core Features

  • Flexible product and fees setup
  • User-driven product configuration
  • Hierarchical change within cardholder/corporate and Merchant Group
  • Loading of multiple rate files on the same day keeping a record of each rate
  • Reports can be easily designed by the user
  • Process monitoring
  • Cloud based

The Platforms Core Capabilities

  • Multiple Institution Support
  • Multiple Currency Support (188)
  • Multiple Language Support (44)
  • Local, regional and cross-border capability
  • Supporting all card schemes including MasterCard/Visa/Amex/Diners/JCB/Discover/CUP/PL
  • Private label, closed loop, gift cards, virtual card
  • Multi-level hierarchy for merchant and cardholder
  • Flexible pricing at multiple/merchant levels
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Multi BIN/ICA transaction processing under a single institution (International, domestic, On-us)
  • ATM
  • POS
  • E-Commerce
  • M-Commerce
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • MOTO
  • eWallet Management
  • Recurring payment
  • Vertical market support, covering multiple sectors, e.g. supermarkets, travel/leisure, hospitality, insurance and healthcare.
  • On-Us /Interbank/Intrabank capability

The proprietary technology for the U.S. has been implemented and becomes the one source global platform that drives consumer-generated payments through ATMs, POS terminals, mobile phones and the Internet. The scalable and customizable modules support emerging technologies such as smart cards, gift cards, prepayments and contactless payments.

With our state of the art technology, we support 188 currencies, 44 languages, multi-currency transaction support, dynamic currency conversion and other features that are simply unattainable from any other payment processing platform in the world! Our platform is used by several major banks due to it’s fluid and extensible nature, providing for an unlimited number of customizations and reporting in any format.

The normalization of data processing from a single TPP source means all data, regardless of the source, is all accessible on same platform. We are fully committed to industry compliance requirements such as data encryption, data masking, PA-DSSand the upcoming SEPA.

To Ensure Uncompromised Reliability

Innovation For The New Generation of Payment

The Platforms Core is the heart of our system

Combined with our other Platform products it delivers an end-to-end solution supporting all aspects of card issuing, acquiring and clearing services needed by financial and non-financial organizations.
All our other products and services are built around the core, providing highly scalable and flexible solutions. This enables clients to set up their system rapidly and cost effectively by configuring only those products and modules required for their business.

Global compliance of interchange rates

Clearing and settlement of transactions is one of those key areas in the payment transaction cycle. We understand that happy customers translate into healthy profits. This is why we have taken special care in designing and developing a solution that enables our customers to settle and reconcile transactions efficiently in any possible scenario.

Calculation of interchange fees is an essential functionality for any financial institution calculating the expected acquired interchange revenue per transaction based on predefined rate programs.

A Specialized Processing Solutions representative will get back to you as quickly as possible regarding our Platform solutions. Please allow up to 72 hours for email response.