Integration Can Help Your Business Sore

Extensive Connectivity To All Your Systems

Specialized Processing Solutions has a next-generation gateway which provides a multitude of extended services for our merchant partners. Today’s business demands more features and functionality to properly manage your merchant processing needs no matter now complex or how many difference merchant accounts your business demands.

  • Extensive Connectivity
  • PCI Compliance
  • Infinite Control
  • Multiple MIDs
  • Plug & Play Solutions
  • Data Security
  • Recurring Billing
  • SPS Fraud Tools
  • Virtual Terminal Transactions
  • Mobile-Based Interface

Unlimited Flexibility

With the Specialized Processing Solutions gateway, you open the door to an all new world. Single API integration and change processors on the fly without having to recode any APIs into your platform.

PCI Compliance

Merchants can take a step further by implementing secure payment redirection to fully remove all payment data from their systems keeping merchants clear of card association fines and PCI compliance violations.

Finite Access Control

Create user groups for access to only reporting, conducting transactions via the virtual terminal, access to mobile transactions as well as which merchant accounts they can access and in what currency.

Unified Reporting

With unified reporting your company can look at one dashboard and see all transactions across all merchant accounts, banks and processors. Reporting across multiple MIDs, processors, regions and processing accounts is key.

3rd Party Data Exchange

Echo Data Exchange functionality allows your organization to connect billing, payment and fulfillment systems without additional IT integration through our platform based on transaction level data.

Extensive Fraud Tools

Our Fraud Tools was designed to detect and avoid criminal activity and credit card fraud by utilizing our industry leading technology in data security. Employs intrusion prevention to radical levels of data security.

Recurring Billing Support

With our recurring billing system, you have the flexibility to create payment plans that fit your business. Plans can bill in any timeframe you wish. Our plans also support promotions and discounts.

Virtual Terminal

Clinics and Professional Associations can process charges from any merchant accounts by simply making a selection from a drop down box while enabling your team to store customer data and recurring billing plans.

Mobile POS

Attach the card swiper to the audio jack and swipe the credit card to make payments on the spot. Available for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Using customizable rules in the gateway will only transmit orders properly.

Shopping Cart Ready

Integration can often be the most challenging part of connecting to a new gateway or payment processor. Connect to the most popular shopping carts used in eCommerce today in just few hours with over 72 platforms.

A Specialized Processing Solutions representative will get back to you as quickly as possible regarding our gateway solutions. Please allow up to 72 hours for email response.