Prequalification Application

First we will look at your overall volume, chargebacks and returns of your business. After, we will review all information provided and determine if your organization is qualified.

Union Pay

With the explosion of eCommerce globalization, UnionPay is the #1 way to immediately increase sales from people who previously were unable to conduct business on your website.

Gaming Solutions

Online and physical casinos need a way to get players cash into their account, and ACH and eCheck acceptance is a guaranteed way to quickly and securely load funds.

eCheck ACH and Check 21

Reduce risk and protect against bad checks with guaranteed funding. Checks are instantly approved or declined at the point of sale. Approved checks are guaranteed to be funded.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid and Stored Value Cards have been increasing in popularity over the last several years – with many economic benefits to both the cardholder and issuing party.

The Platforms

The SPS Platform is a flexible, secure, compliant and customizable 21st century payment processing solution developed using the most advanced reliability and secure technology.

The Gateway

Our extensive rule-based gateway allows you to utilize various processors and banks, card networks and even allow extensive connectivity to your disparate systems without any additional IT resources.


eWallets are the latest trend in technology as related to payment transactions. An eWallet can allow you to access funds from a variety of incoming sources and spend it through a number of outgoing sources.

Reseller Opportunities

We offer true revenue splits and other multi-level sales commissions working with ISOs and MSPs. Only to seek individuals working within the payment processing industry is where we direct our clients.

Merchant Accounts

Transactions are monitored to ensure your company obtains the best possible rates and will point out systemic inefficiencies which may result in “downgrade fees,” which actually cost your company more! All made possible by the proprietary SPS Platform.

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